Capture Customer Reviews with Magnfi's Video Testimonial Software

Magnfi will apply its magic by automatically adding a company logo, background music, and a call-to-action to your testimonials. Our video testimonials software delivers a finished video, ready for social sharing. 

No video editing is required!


Collect Video Testimonials

Before Magnfi! | video testimonial software white label solution


Collect Video Testimonials

After Magnfi's Magic! | video

More Features Included With Our Video Testimonial Software

video testimonial link

Embed a link on your website to capture direct customer feedback.

video testimonial record link icon

Each Magnfi account comes with a video review page.

video testimonial record link icon

Easy to record testimonials with a simple link click.

video testimonials showcase icon

Showcase the top 3 favorite video testimonials with a personalized page!

video testimonial record with any device icon

Record testimonials with any easily accessible device.

video testimonial automatically add video icon

Magnfi will automatically add your branding to the recorded video.

video testimonial quick ready video icon

 Your videos will be fully produced & ready in a matter of minutes.

video testimonial download video icon

Download the videos or directly upload them to your social platforms to share!

Why Do You Need to White Label Magnfi's Video Testimonial Software?

And how can video marketing be valuable as a recurring service.

video testimonials covert icon

Video Testimonials Convert

72% of consumers will take action only after looking at a positive review about your product

Collect Video Testimonials

Video Testimonials Drive Sales

Video testimonials are the best piece of content to invest your time in, as they can increase your revenue by approximately 62%

video testimonial More Testimonials Are Better​ icon

The Power Of Social Proof Is Real

Having more than 10 video testimonials on your website will provide undeinable social proof that will result in increased traffic & conversions.

video testimonials More Testimonials Are Better​ icon

Automate Your Reputation Marketing

The ease of Magnfi’s video testimonial software can help you get new video reviews for your clients every month without too much leg work.

video testimonials strength your content icon

Strengthen Your Content

Magnfi video testimonials will not only provide client insights about your services but also be the self representation of how the software works.

FAQs About Our Video Testimonial Software

Here are the answers to some common questions.

There’s nothing better than another human being talking about how your product or service made their life better!

Statistics show majority of written reviews are fake! A Video Testimonial allows you and your client to stand out in an ever more competitive landscape. 

Adding video testimonials to a properly optimized YouTube channel will help you/your clients claim a spot in the 3 video carousel found on the majority of Google’s searches!

Magnfi’s return rate of getting a video testimonial is between 45-65% in less than two weeks! (equal to if you pick up the phone or you ask them for a video in person.) 

Using video testimonials on social media increases conversion rates by more than 50%!

Businesses need this now more than ever in a digital 1st world. Even when receiving a word of mouth referral, that person will still check them out online before they connect with that business. Give your clients the social proof they need to make the decision to go with you!

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