Capture Video Case Studies With Our White Label Story Video Software

Capture Story Videos

How Does Magnfi’s Story Video Software Tool Work?

We take 3 video clips and fuse them into 1 amazing story!

The story video software is multi-functional. It can truly help you in telling your story and develop a strong video case study for your brand. You can use this feature to obtain a guided video review of your products or services, answer frequently asked questions, and provide a more in-depth look at your business.

Simply send an email requesting your customers’ response to 3 questions or statements regarding your product or services. Magnfi story video software will allow them to record a 30 second video for each question and combine them to make a branded story video without any additional effort or editing.

More Features Included With Our Story Video Software

story video fill up requirement in minutes icon

Fill up your requirements on the Magnfi dashboard in minutes & email a request directly to your client.

story video automatically Include text question icon

Magnfi automatically Include text / question slides into the fully produced final video.

story video select the font of your choice icon

Select the font of your choice from a variety of options for the text slides.

story video custom graphic as CTA icon

 Include your contact information as CTA or upload a custom graphic as CTA for greater impact.

story video include a reminder icon

The email to your clients will include a reminder & a “not interested” option to adhere to the best practices.

story video hand held device icon

Record from any available, hand-held device. No additional equipment required!

story video background music of your choice icon

Magnfi will add the background music of your choice along with seamless fades & transitions to your story video.

story video download video icon

Download the fully produced video or separate segments of raw footage for further utilization.

Why Do You Need to White Label Magnfi's Branded Story Video Software?

And why should video be added to every service offering.

story video increase brand loyalty icon

Increase Brand Loyalty

Customers tend to be more loyal to brands with personalized stories & eco-conscious values.

story video create case studies icon

Create Case Studies Effortlessly

Our story video software allows you to present a complete video case study for your business that too from the clients’ perspective.

story video personalized & direct icon

Personalized & Direct

Offer your clients the ability to create story videos that reach audience in a more personalized way & direct way.

story video reduced overhead cost icon

Reduced Overhead Cost

Magnfi story video software simplifies the process of content collection when it comes to video and reduces production time & cost.

story video increase conversions with UGC icon

Increase Conversions With UGC

Magnfi story video software allows you to include user generated content in your marketing strategy increasing conversions as a result.

Some Video Testimonials From Our Happy Clients

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