White Label Magnfi’s Video Messaging Software for Your LinkedIn Marketing

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What is Magnfi’s Video Messaging Software?

Our video messaging software tool allows you to make your messages feel personalized. 

Your video messages will have an embedded GIF that links to your recorded video. 


Quickly & Easily add Video to your Email Marketing campaigns for yourself or your clients.


It works amazing with LinkedIn direct messages and all other social media direct messages. The GIF takes clients to your video message landing page, where you can add your phone number, a custom call to action, our calendar booking link, an invoice link, or a unique blog post.

As long as it’s a URL, you can add it!

More Features Included With Our Video Messaging Software

video messaging keep track on time icon

We keep track of the time when your video message is opened.

video messaging count video viewed icon

We document the number of times, your video is viewed.

video messaging send you a notification icon

We send you a notification the moment they play your video message.

video messaging comprehensive stats icon

Comprehensive stats of opens & plays for every client.

video messaging customize landing page icon

Customize the landing page to optimize conversions with custom CTA & URL.

video messaging customer reply back icon

Lead your customer to a reply back or get them to contact you directly through a call.

video messaging tools work with all social media icon

Our video messaging tool works with all social media direct messages.

video messaging record from any device icon

Record your message from any hand held device!

With Magnfi, You Can Create Original Video Messages!

Embed your video messages on multiple social platforms.

Why Should You White Label Magnfi's Video Messaging Software?

And how can video marketing be valuable as a recurring service.

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Leverage LinkedIn Direct Messaging

“82% of B2B markers report finding the greatest success on LinkedIn.”

video messaging surpass ad blocker icon

Surpass Ad Blockers

 Direct message campaigns are the only ones guaranteed to reach your users & having a video in them is a BIG plus.

video messaging personalized and direct icon

Personalized & Direct

Offer your clients the ability to create video messages to reach their audience in a more personalized way & direct way.

video messaging tackle inbox blindness icon

Tackle Inbox Blindness

Magnfi’s video messaging software will help you tackle inbox blindness by embedding a GIF in the message that directly catches the eye of the user.

video messaging strength your marketing icon

Strengthen Your Marketing

Magnfi works seamlessly with all social media platforms & helps you integrate direct message campaigns with your overall marketing strategy.

Some Video Testimonials From Our Happy Clients

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