All Plans Include Automatic Professional Video Creation, Unlimited Video Collection

no video editing


$99/Per Video Credit

  • Collect Video Testimonial tool
  • Create a Branded Video tool
  • Unlimited requests for Video Testimonials
  • Create Unlimited Professional Video Content
  • Only pay per video with a video credit for the videos you want!


  • UNLIMITED Videos - no video credits!
  • Collect Video Testimonial tool
  • Create a Branded Video tool
  • Plus 3 additional video tools!
  1. Create a Story Video tool
  2. Video Email w/Screen Capture
  3. Video Messaging w/Screen Capture - perfect for social media direct messaging

  • All the Magnfi+ tools
  • Agency Management tools
  • Add User seats at a discounted rate
  • Fully Custom URL Branding everywhere
  • Private group page for masterminds (meet other white labels from around the world!)
  • Zapier Integrations
  • Priority Support
  • Concierge onboarding training

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FAQs About Our Video Creation Software

Here are the answers to some common questions.

Once you click Accept or Accept & Produce, you will have access to download the raw un-produced video file as well right from the dashboard. 

You have up to 2 entire months to approve an unapproved or watermarked video on your Magnfi account.

We also send you 7 email reminders about those videos as well. We do our best to make sure you get all the videos you want to use. If you do not approve a watermarked video, Magnfi will delete that video out of your account for you.

If you filmed a video with your Smart Phone, Tablet or Webcam you can upload it to your Magnfi account by using the Upload Video tool. As long as your video is under 90 seconds in total length.

Just login via mobile device or desktop, click on “Upload Video”.  

Follow the prompts. Your video will be in your My Videos area under Branded Videos waiting for you to pick the music and call to action you want.  

Then just click Accept & Produce. 

The Create a Branded Video tool allows you to record up to a total length of 90 seconds of whatever you want created. 

You can use the Create a Branded Video tool to create any type of video you want. Just record using your smart phone, tablet or capture with a webcam.

Use this tool to create About Us or About Me Videos, the Expert Tip Video of the week. Turn your FAQ page in to video answers using this tool. You could also this tool to create a simple video of your product or service in action.  

Magnfi is the world’s most seamless and premium video testimonial software that captures a video testimonial from a happy customer or client any where on the planet. All you do is send them a request or they click one unified link tied to your account.  

They record their video testimonial in 50 seconds or less. They click submit, they’re done.  No video production company involved, no video editing or video producing experience needed.

Each Magnfi account comes with 2 ways to mass capture video testimonials.  

You have your own Video Review page, which is unique to your account, or you also have what we call a “Simple Collection Page” to mass capture video reviews with one link. 

Just email that link out or connect it to any page you want and you will be able to capture as many video testimonials as you want at any time.  

Once you accept the video you want, 3 things happen.  1st you’re able to download that video immediately.  

You’re able to download the raw video and you can 1 click upload it to your YouTube channel right from the dashboard. 

Once you “accept the video, you own it. You can download it right away. It’s yours to use forever.

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