For Businesses of all sizes.

Magnfi isn’t just a quick & easy way to get a fully produced video ready to share. Magnfi is a video marketing plan & is a subscription model.


For only $29 per month (cancel anytime) you will get 1 video testimonial credit per month to get a fully produced video testimonial ready to share. You can send as many request for video testimonial as you want & you only use your credit on the video testimonial you want Magnfi to create for you.

Purchase in Bulk

Once you have your account, you can purchase additional credits at $29 each or purchase in bundles of 6 or 12.

We tie the bulk pricing to 6 and 12 so you can tie your video marketing plan for your testimonials to the calendar year.

Risk Free

Not only can you use your credits on the video testimonials you want, you can cancel your Magnfi account at anytime with no fee.

If you get “tired” 😉 of getting video testimonials of people talking about how great you are. You can cancel your account.

If you don’t use your credit that month, don’t worry, your credits will rollover month to month. Credits are charged only for the videos you want to get. That way you can keep sending request until you get that perfect one.

If you get 10 video testimonials to preview & only 1 of them is good, then all you do is delete the 9 and use your credit on the 1 you want 🙂