Client Testimonials

I am no longer sending money out to other agencies, I am able to capture that revenue stream due to Magnfi’s white label program.

Gregg Cross – Glimpse Video

We have seen immense success in video marketing around the world with this – cross culturally. It works for everyone!

Jonah Erbe – Leadership Management International, Inc.

I have found Magnfi to be one of the best tools to grow my clients’ online presence.

Joshua – Rhino Elite Marketing

It’s cool, it’s amazing, it’s so fast and so much easier than any tool I’ve ever used in the past!

Patrick Smith – Online Biz

If you are thinking about becoming a white label partner with Magnfi I would highly recommend it. You get all the coaching you need and you would be part of an awesome community!

Danny Ferry – Empowered Video

There is a ton of things you can do with this platform and it is alot of fun! I highly recommend that you look into it

John Webb – Auto Video Engage

 This partnership has been a game changer for me and one of the most important tools in my advertising and marketing arsenal.

Sharon – Urban Trendsetter Television & Media

I sent out 3 testimonial requests and got 2 testimonials on the same day. Magnfi is a game changer!

Danielle Ducette – Magnfi user

If you are in a business where you would value some great video testimonials, I highly recommend Magnfi!

Jason Madez – Magnfi user

Magnfi had all the tools I needed to collect testomonials from all over the world.

Magnfi User

I have been using Magnfi for the past 6 months and in those 6 months I have received about 30-35 testimonials from my clients

Dr. Karnik – Magnfi user

Magnfi has allowed us to ramp up our marketing acitvities more than we ever thought possible!

Leah Bluett – BSSI