Create Quick & Unique Branded Videos to Make an Impression

What is a Branded Video?

Create videos that describe your services, products or just simply share your knowledge with your audience. Branded video content is a key component in increasing brand recognition and sales.

You can create…

  • Expert tip videos
  • Personalized brand videos
  • Product review videos
  • Video case studies

…and so much more! 

How to Create a Branded Video with Magnfi+?

Establish yourself as an industry leader with a well-produced branded video. Magnfi+ works like a professional production company where you record videos on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop and we do the rest. No editing is required!

Select branded video feature in your  Magnfi dashboard


Record a video up to 90 seconds

Choose music and call to action and submit

Are you ready to start growing with this new video tool?

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We offer 5 video marketing tool that provide fully produced videos ready for sharing!

Give Your Customers What They Want & Grow Your Business at the Same Time.

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