What Video Marketing Plan Season are you in?

video marketing season

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Someone asked a question, with an expert the other day.  The caller said, “How do you know what season you are in for your business, I am not sure, but I think it’s time I close my doors”.  The expert answered “Let me ask you this?  How has your business changed since Covid?  The caller said, “Umm, I dunno really, I guess it’s still the same”.  The expert asked another question, “ Has your business increased at all since Covid”?  The caller says, “No, not really it’s just there and I don’t know why it hasn’t increased, I have opened back up again and I’m still not really busy”.

The expert said “have you ever heard of the quote “ To everything, there is a season?”  The caller says, “Of course I have”!  The expert says,“ that’s good to hear but, did you know that seasons, by nature are a disrupter to our plans in our life, in our work, and in just about everything we do.  The caller says, “yea, and what does that have to do with anything”?  The expert goes on to explain.

I said earlier, that everything has a season but let me elaborate a bit on that.  Seasons say there is a time to begin and a time to end, a time to grasp and a time to change, a time to move and a time to stay but, I can tell you, that the time to change makes business owners go down kicking and screaming…but why?

Seasons are meant to make you shift gears.  What have you done to generate more business for your company?  How did you shift from what you have been doing then, to what you’re doing now?  If you missed the sign of the times that tells you to change then you might be already one foot out the door.  There again, if you are not ready to give up and looking to lead your business in a different way then you have to change, plan and launch

It is to take a hard look at how you have been promoting your business.  What are the gaps you have in marketing?   Did you have a Video Marketing plan prior to the season of change?  If not, then now is the time to establish one and make it a protocol in your business.  A solid Video Marketing Strategy is business gold.

Let me ask you this. “How big would you dream if you knew you couldn’t fail”?  Sometimes we need to step out of your own ego to dream and also see what’s happening in your business world.  Take a look at your competition, and take online classes to learn what is new in Video Marketing.  Magnfi’s “Instant Video Marketing” course has all the leg work done for you by the expert in the Video Marketing field Doug Dibert Jr.  Doug has 20+ years in the Video industry and he has seen and experienced it all when I come to Video Marketing Strategy.  Why struggle when someone else has already done it and is now passing the secret sauce on to you?

I get up every morning and look for those important connections in my business and in life that will help me open a door.  It only takes 1 person to come across your path to open a door that can lead to many is the old proverb.  I know this is true because I have seen it work time and time again in my business. You have connections use them.

Seasons don’t need to be a season of disruptions it can be a season of smart change, steady business, and solid connections.  We just have to embrace them. The question is what Video Marketing season are you in?

#Ready, Aim,Record

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