Vision + Kick in the Pants + Strategy + Education = Video Marketing Success!

Video marketing success

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When I was a kid, doing my homework, I have to say I was a daydreamer.  I would think about other things, and doodle how I wanted something to look instead of what was in my book.  In my mind, I was enhancing the pictures with vibrant colors and of course a well-placed mustache.  After a while, I would say to my mom “My head is going explode from all this work” but, in reality it was 2 reading pages and 10 math problems.  She looked at me with that look all mothers give their kids and said, “ No one has ever died, from their head exploding, while doing their homework and learning to much, nice try, get back to work”!

As I started my business, I had a clear vision for my company.  I thought of how it would function, the logo, my brand awareness, the video content I was going to make and how fun it going to be. I thought of everything. I could see the promised land and I rushed towards it.

The one thing I didn’t think about was the pressure of being in business. It was not part of my plan to experience disappointment when I didn’t sell a job.  It definitely wasn’t part of my strategy to not grow my business.  I was stuck and the pain from that broke my own heart.

I had to take steps, set goals, and make things better. The first thing I needed to do was confront the elephant in my business, I had gaps in my marketing strategy and boy, oh, boy was it painful to see.

The pain of those missing pieces helped me to take a deep look at transforming my business strategy. It gave birth to a new process that advanced my business.  The simple act of educating myself with the experts in my field was the wide-awake moment I needed.  I kept myself open, I listened and was willing to learn new things that would help me target my audience.  The goals that I had set for my company and myself was marketing goal gold!

I can now tell you now, all about the misery in my early years of business because I came out on the other side of it with much wisdom and marketing knowledge.  I wasn’t willing to quit, I was willing to learn!  I reached out and found the experts in my area.  I listened, took notes, took courses on how to fill in those missing gaps, how to start a YouTube channel and even do Live videos.  I changed my business strategy and it worked.  I have marketing success.

From all the pain of not knowing how to leverage my video marketing I created a course called “Instant Video Marketing Business”.  Many digital marketing agencies need to add video but, don’t know how to do it or even where to get started.  Instant Video Marketing Business course will show you how to add video marketing to your service offerings instantly!  This course is designed to help you and keep you competitive.

If you want to continue to add to your success, then I highly recommend signing up for the twice a month Magnfi Monthly Magazine.  The Magnfi Monthly Magazine is delivered right to your inbox for you to review and then put into action the things you have learned. Oh, and you can get access to the Instant Video Marketing Business course for free to and save $999!

There are times when reflect back to my early school years and I thought my head was going to explode from all the knowledge that was being crammed into it and I have to laugh.  Little did I know back then, that continuing to gain knowledge, in my area of expertise was going to be for rest of my life and how important it would be to stay competitive for my business and my clients.

I guess my Mom was right, your head really doesn’t explode from learning new stuff!

Ready, Set, Record!


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