Video Testimonial Marketing Strategy – Focus On The Pain

Video Testimonial Marketing Strategy

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By now you have video testimonials on people talking about how fantastic you are! Now it’s time to really drill down and get your happy clients to talk “pain-points”. Specifically, how you solved those pain points for them.

When someone goes to research you online, what are they doing? They are hoping that you are the person that can solve their pain. They aren’t on your website or researching you and saying, “I’m totally going to find a reason NOT to do business with this person!” No way. They’re hoping you are the go to, the person in the know, to solve their pain and get the job done.

Which is why you need to ask your happy clients willing to make you a video testimonial to talk about what life was like before they met you. They will talk about issues they were dealing with, their pain, which majority of your target market is also experiencing. When your potential client hears and sees another person like them talking about a pain they had and how you solved it.

What do you think they will do next? Not fill out your contact form? Leave your website and say, “Na, I’m not convinced.” You know exactly what they’ll do, because you would do the same thing.

Begin having your video testimonial talk about how you solved pain. Hope you found these quick tips to be helpful! If you can think of someone that might like these video marketing tips, forward them this video.

Look out for the next video marketing tip here soon!

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