Video Marketing, Your Viewers and the Myth You Don’t Need a Strategy

video marketing myths

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For some years, I have observed agencies and independents try to use the copy-paste process for their marketing strategies.  I have heard the comment “ it worked for the XYZ company, and it will work for this company also”.  I have seen it done so sloppy, that the marketing agency who was hired, didn’t proof their copy, and still had another company’s name and logo in one of their published pieces.  I would laugh if it wasn’t so lazy and downright criminal to be that uncreative.

Another thing I have heard is “my viewers just scroll through and don’t notice anything new I do”.  My response to that is, is it new content?  If your marketing brand awareness is using the same ole picture 50 times then I don’t blame your customers for scrolling right on by, I would to.   In this very competitive world, you can’t sit back and think my services or products will just sell themselves, I call that thinking, stinking thinking.   You most definitely are wrong if don’t think you need to have a YouTube channel or Video Content that promotes and markets your products.  The one thing I can guarantee you is your competition has a Video Marketing Strategy and is very likely using it full throttle.

The misconception that my business is too small, or I don’t need to waste time or money on Video Marketing is just that, a misconception.   It is true that smaller companies may have a smaller budget to work with and for that reason it is wise to develop and implement a Content Marketing Strategy.  You want to create a detailed marketing plan that will use your time and money wisely and for this reason alone is why the first thought should be a Video Marketing Campaign.  Video can be done by novices or professionals who have 30 minutes in their day to generate content and upload it to their YouTube Channel and if they are using strong SEO verbiage then it will be lightening to their page.   If you don’t market your services or products your audience decreases, and your competition just gained a new customer.

Give your audience something that will compel them into action and in return it will give you a higher rate of engagement with them.  The potential value of engagement with your customers, through Video improves your businesses reputation and will help your customers to recognize fact from fiction.

Change the way you market from boring to blow-up you if you want to see results!

#Ready, Aim, Record!

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