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Magnfi Video API

Grow your business and add value to your customers with the Magnfi Video API.

Give Your Customers Instant Access

Capture and Produce Video Testimonials (no video editing needed)

Create Original Branded Video Clips (no video editing needed)

Create Story Videos (3 video clips into 1 amazing video – again, no video editing needed)

Your very OWN Video Email platform! (send Video Email and stand out in a crowed inbox)

Magnfi is your #1 video software platform for all your video marketing software needs.

Your very OWN Video Messaging platform. (perfect for social media DM’s like LinkedIn and video for email marketing campaigns)

Check out how these industries can leverage video and give instant value!


SaaS Platform

Have an amazing SaaS product and you know video will take it to the next level and you want to get to market fast? We have you covered. Instantly add value to your packages by adding on a video marketing component to move your customers to a higher MRR for your platform.

Reputation Marketing

Reputation Marketing

Differentiate and add value in your reputation marketing plan by allowing your customers to capture video testimonials instead of just written reviews. On top of that, give them the ability to create Expert Tip videos with our branded video tool so you can help them be seen as the local go to expert in your area.

Reputation Marketing

CRM Companies

Having trouble justifying your CRM’s cost or have a lot of customers stuck in a lower-level price point or simply want to separate your CRM from the pack? Add on the abilty for them to send video email and create video messages to use in their marketing campaigns, allowing them to send requests for video testimonials and Story Videos using your CRM. Giving them more value and greater retention rates for your CRM.


App Development Company

Have an amazing app that you know if you had a video marketing component it would be a game changer? We have you covered. Add video capture for video testimonials, video email, and video messaging all in your App. Instantly adding value to your customers and justifying your cost.


Don’t see your specific industry here? Don’t worry…we can handle it!

We are the #1 Video API on the market today. Our team has our finger on the pulse of everything video and the Magnfi Video API not only is on the cutting-edge tech-wise, we are on the forefront of how businesses want to leverage video. We make it easy!