How To Begin a Video Marketing Plan – Part 2

Video Strategy of Video Marketing plan

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Have you ever wondered who is pursuing you?  Who is looking at your company website and just looking for a reason to not pick you?  People will look for something that jumps out at them before they will move to the next page on your website, and make no mistake, our consumers are not inexperienced.  They know when something doesn’t feel quite right, their gut tells them so.

Clients what to get to know a company before they step out and give you, their name and other information.  What if I told you, there was a way for your clients to get to know you and your company, and you have already done the leg work for it?

Here’s some good news…that Q & A page on your website is the content for your next videos.

Using your Q & A page is the perfect meet and greet for your clients.  Not only do they get to see you talking about your company, products and answering questions in detail, but they can also meet your staff if they are answering some of those questions.

Your words have come alive, instead of just lying on the page.  You have reframed them into the form a Video, and they are being noticed.  Clients are either wanting to move towards a solution or away from a problem and a Q & A Video gives you the time to expand upon an answer.

Remember, the consumer is pursuing you but, at the same time you are pursuing them.  Ask yourself this question, would you rather have a video explain an answer to a question or would you rather have directions, to turn to page 123, section 1a of a manual to figure out something….Yeah, we all know you said “Video”!

Ready, Set, Record…!

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