We at Magnfi are so glad you decided to take your video marketing to the next level with us. You made a good decision! Magnfi is your video marketing tool and we want you to put us to work for you. The 1st thing you need to do is capture your very 1st video testimonial.

So, are you ready for the top-secret way to get your 1st video testimonial???

3 simple things to do.

1st, take a moment to think about who is your #1 fan. Every business or organization has at least one person who is their “apostle” the person who tells everyone they can about how great your product or service is. Have that person in mind yet?

2nd, call that person up and ask them for a video testimonial! When you log into Magnfi and use the Collect Video Testimonial tool, and send them a request, Magnfi will send them email reminders over the course of 3 weeks to thank them and gently remind them about making you a video testimonial.  Asking them before you do that would greatly increase your chances of getting a video testimonial back.

3rd, if you need to, incentivize. It doesn’t have to be anything huge. Unless you’re doing a massive video testimonial campaign through an email blast and you can’t personally ask each person over the phone or in person. You can offer them a gift card to get a coffee at their favorite coffee house or lunch spot. The key to the ask is ending your ask on the incentive. So ask, “Hey Jim, I’d love a video testimonial from you about your experience working with us and as a thank you, I’d like to get you a gift card from your favorite coffee or lunch spot. What’s your which one is your favorite?” End on the incentive not on the ask.

Look out for the next video marketing tip here soon!

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