Top 9 Tips to make Creative Video Testimonials

Tips to create video testimonials

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When it comes to effective marketing, one of the strongest tools of the modern age is video content.  Many businesses are now focusing on making creative video testimonials as a way to market/sell their products or services. If you’re looking to learn a thing or two about how to make video testimonials, you’ve come to the right place. Following are the top 10 tips on how to make a good testimonial video:

Don’t “Fake it till you make it”

The more accurate and relatable your video is, the more people would engage with it. There is no need to hire actors for a business video. Let your real customers tell their stories. Let them be real and honest about your services. 

Guiding your clients  

It’s important to guide your clients on how to record a testimonial especially if you’re not there to record it for them. Guide them to shoot in better lighting (maybe shoot in day time when there’s more natural light). Also tell your clients to use an external source for better sound quality.

Don’t write a script 

It’s a good practice to be prepared before filming a testimonial but it shouldn’t look staged. Before you start, prepare a list of questions you would like to ask your customer/client and let them answer in a natural process instead of providing them with a pre-written script. Magnfi’s capture a Story Video tool allows you to ask 3 questions so they can answer each one on video. Then Magnfi takes care of creating your perfect story video.

Let your customers be themselves 

Your customers are not actors. They’re people who you’ve worked with and that work should reflect in the video. A business testimonial video should look as natural as possible. 

Problem-solving video testimonials  

When you’re making video testimonials, you don’t have to address every customer’s problems. The best way to approach multiple customer’s and address their issues is by showing your availability to solve their problems. The best video testimonial example for this would be to make video testimonials where your customer talks about a problem they faced and how you helped them fix it. 

Emotional connection is important 

Building an emotional connection with your viewers is an important marketing tool. But the real question is how to create video testimonials with emotional connection? It’s simple. You need to ask the right questions. Try to write questions that not only aware your audience about them but also build conversations that would help potential customers relate to your service on an emotional level. Again, our Create a Story Video tool available with a Magnfi +Plus account does this perfectly!

Keep the video testimonial short 

Although it’s overwhelming to have a bunch of ideas on creative testimonial videos, don’t let it get to your head. Your initial ideas might be longer than an hour but that’s not how long the viewers are going to be starring at the screen. You need to keep your testimonial videos short and interesting. Magnfi’s capture a video testimonial tool keeps people to under 50 seconds. Perfect for social media and for your website.

Add graphics, text and music

Viewers nowadays have a very short attention span. Which is why, It’s important to have your video look professional and not just a talking head. Even adding to your video a simple transition from your logo to the video testimonial, inspirational music will separate you from the competition. It all helps to keep your viewers engaged throughout the video. Oh, and Magnfi does this automatically for you.

Do it yourself!  

Creating a video testimonial isn’t that hard. As long as you have a video testimonial tool like Magnfi, you can get your testimonials ready in no time. Just make sure you have a general idea of the topics you want your client’s to address. Communicate with them about their consent & just send them a link directly from Magnfi, they will record 3- 30sec clips and it will be ready to be published within minutes using our Capture a Story Video tool with a Magnfi +Plus account.

To sum it all

Although it’s understandable that video testimonial may feel like too much time and effort; but being prepared and choosing the options that work best for you is the best way to get started.


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