Thought Leader to your Customers but Expert to your rivals…Here’s How!

Thought leader to your customers

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I heard someone say, “Once you speak a word you have given it life, and you can never destroy it”.  Words are life and they will add value, build you up and confirm.  They act as a magnet/echo to you.  You want that magnet/echo to become loud, so your customers are fascinated by you.

If you want your customers to see and hear what an expert says about a product or service, then turn the camera around on yourself.  I see you shrugging your shoulders and thinking “what am I going to say”?  I am not the speak on camera type of person, I get tongue tied.

Here’s a little tip, if you have a blog or your company has a blog read it and then read it again. But, why?  What would be the purpose?  Here’s the purpose you just read what you should be talking about.  You just read your script, or you just read what is on the pulse of your company, so talk about it.

Once you have read your blog or companies blog, turn the camera around, smile and press record. Go ahead and talk about your expertise in your area or what you need your clients to hear and then go ahead and post it on your social media page.

Your story is continually moving, and movement requires, action, engagement, and risk.  You want your videos to be Info-To-Go and what I mean by that is you want your videos to be informative and full of information so your clients can take it and run with it to build their company.

You have the pulse on you and on your company, so go ahead and take it to the next level…

Ready, Aim, Record!

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