Then The Donuts Appeared

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I went to work the other day and decided that today is the day I start my diet.  Yep, I am going to do it today!  I reached my desk, confident that I was going to lose 10lbs by the end of next week.  I thought, “meh, I can do this, it’s no big deal” and I didn’t give it any more thought.

After a few hours of working, my stomach began to growl.  I thought I will get a cup of coffee with no cream, of course. I turned the corner to the department kitchen and there they were…. chocolate donuts.  Not just any ole donuts, these were still oven warm, fudge covered donuts from the best bakery in town.  I got my coffee and watched as people came in and out, grabbing a donut and their coffee and thought “oh one donut won’t bother me and maybe a little creamer in my coffee too”.   Within 2 hours I had an epic diet fail but why is the question.

Have you ever done that in your business?  Just jumped in, did something only to have it fail miserably?  Of course, you did, we all have.  We have all blindly jumped into a project, thinking this will be the easy way to do this and then were shocked it didn’t turn out well or at all.  A good question to ask yourself is why we were even shocked or disappointed…we didn’t plan, we did nothing.

Being impulsive might work for the moment but, purposely planning is the long-term goal you want to reach towards.  Think about your business and how you’re going to control it and your time.

There are two people in business.

  1. The first people are the naive people who don’t think before they act.  They throw their money away at any crazy idea with the hopes of getting rich.
  2. The second people are the perceptive people.  These are the people who have the foresight to think ahead and weigh all the options first.  They think it out and they think long term.  They ask themselves, what steps do I need to take to reach that goal.  These are the people that stay up with the fast-moving world and utilize every ounce of time they have.

And this is where having a solid Video Marketing Strategy and a dedicated Video Marketing Campaign comes in.  Video Content Marketing is working when you’re not.  Its working 24/7 bringing Brand Awareness to viewers who are looking for answers.

Your Video Marketing Success doesn’t have to be an hour-long video.  They can be 60-90 second Videos, created in a series.  These Videos can be Live with you bringing awareness to your brand or you educating your target audience on YouTube about the latest and greatest in your field of expertise.  Having a Video Marketing Strategy is not only using your time wisely, but it’s also leveraging your time no matter how small it might be.

It is essential you match the value of your business, with the value of a strong Video Marketing Campaign.  There is power in planning out your steps and it is wise to take the time and give it the thought it deserves.

Someone once said, “The plans of the diligent lead to profit but, lack of preparation means you are blind”.

Go ahead think it out loud and think it though.  You want to manage your Video Content, so it is working for you for a long time and why it is so important that you plan and then launch.

Ready, Set, Aim!

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