The Secret to YES to getting a Video Testimonial

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I want to share with you a time proven tactic to get people to say yes to making a video testimonial for your business pretty much every time.

The secret to getting to yes is asking properly with a little incentivizing. When you ask them, ask them this way. “Hey Doug would you mind making me a video testimonial about your experience with us and just for doing so, I’d like to get you a gift card to your favorite restaurant. What’s your favorite restaurant?

See what I did there? I didn’t give them a moment to turn down the ask for the video testimonial. I didn’t say, Hey would you mind making me a video testimonial? Stop. Nope…I wrapped up my ask with buying them a gift card to their favorite restaurant, so they have to say no to free dinner or a $5 Starbucks gift card. Who would say no to that right? You can incentivize anyway you want, just end ask with what you want to incentivizes them with. Now you don’t have to incentivize but if you’re really wanting to get a yes, this tactic works extremely well.

There simply is nothing more powerful than a video testimonial of someone else talking about how the product you’ve created or the service you offer and how it made their life better. Use this simple tactic and you’ll get a yes to getting a video testimonial practically every time.

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