The Antidote to Disconnect from Your Clients, but Not Your Video Marketing Strategy

Your Video Marketing Strategy

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As leaders we look at content very quickly. We analyze it, consume it, and put it in motion, or we spit it out and say “nah, not worth my time”.   Sometimes we are in such an autopilot mode, with our hair on fire that  we don’t even know it.   We don’t know how to disconnect from work because we think that our clients will forget about us, or our competition will roll over us while we take a break.

Here’s a bit of information for you, “You were not created for a 16–17-hour workday”!

Being a Leader of a company is intense and you need to rest to recharge those batteries and quit being a lion on a lease.  You must equip your employees and clients with the knowledge and the tools that your company has to offer while you are away.

You read before that you were not created for a 16-17 workday, but I can tell you there is something that works 24/7 and that is a well-structured Video Marketing Strategy.

Someone once said “A fish will die for lack of water- in other words if you’re not feeding yourself you will die!   In order for you to step away from your business and feed yourself,  you need to do 3 things to structure your Video Marketing Plan.

  1. Consciously think about your Video Marketing Content and what you want to say.
  2. Listen to advice. Your clients’ questions will give insight to their thoughts and your staff will definitely let you know what’s on their mind if you ask them. Listen to what they have to say.
  3. Rest and think about what they said and make it a thoughtful plan, after all your videos are working 24/7 for you.

This might be a painful change for you since you have always flown by the seat of your pants, and trust me when I say this, “if you want to be the standard in your industry then giving your Video Marketing Plan conscious thought”.   Give your company the anchor it  needs while you’re away recharging yourself.

We can all tell people how busy we are every single day but guess what, people don’t care.  They want to hear a story, they want to hear that one word, that triggers trust and confidence and know that if they are hiring you then they are hiring the industries  top standard.

You have limited time in your day so take this time and think about your Video Marketing Strategy, how it will continue to work for you while you are away and even when you’re not.

Ready, Set, Record!

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