How To Create A Branded Video Using Magnfi

How To Create A Branded Video Using Magnfi

In today’s digital age, leveraging video content has become crucial for businesses striving to enhance their online presence and engage with their target audience effectively. Brand videos, in particular, offer a compelling way to communicate your company’s identity, values, and products or services. However, video production can often be a daunting and time-consuming task.  This […]

Must Have Videos To Launch A New Product Or Service

video vlog

  Magnfi has all the tools that you will need to launch a new product, a service, or to invigorate an existing product or service.  Where do you begin? What’s the plan? Well, that’s where Magnfi comes in. Here are 3 videos that you need to help give you success. Create a minimum of 3 […]

Get Your Very Own Video Review page

vlog Video Review

Once you start using Magnfi to capture video testimonials using our patent-pending software service tool app, you will be able to easily show to the world how many approved video reviews you have. You will be able to highlight your top 3 favorite video testimonials right on this page and easily direct people to go […]

The My Videos Tab – where it all happens

video tabs

  When using Magnfi to capture video testimonials using our patent-pending software service tool app or to get fully produced branded video content the My Video’s tab is where they will all go for you to review for your approval and distribution of your original video content. NO GENERIC VIDEO CONTENT HERE Quickly check out […]

Welcome & How To Edit Your Profile

How To Edit Your Profile

Welcome To Magnfi! Watch this video on how to edit your profile. The 2 most Powerful Videos you can create for your business are Thought Leadership videos or the undisputed KING of Video Content…VIDEO TESTIMONIALS! There is nothing more powerful than another human being on camera talking about how your product or service made their […]

3 Essential Tips To Make Beautiful Videos With Your Phone

Beautiful Videos

You have in your pocket an amazing tool for creating quality video content, your smart phone. Every year the quality of the video functionality just gets better and better. All the quality in the world though won’t work with out these 3 essential aesthetics in place while filming your brand videos using Magnfi. 1.) Lighting. […]