What This Year Has Taught Us About Influence and Strategy

What 2020 Has Taught Us About Influence and Strategy

This year has had no shortage of challenges and surprises, so what can we take away from all of this chaos? Let’s face it- 2020 was not the year many of us hoped for. Many of our go-to strategies and “rule of thumb” concepts, got tossed out the door! With so many changes happening so […]

The Secret to YES to getting a Video Testimonial

  I want to share with you a time proven tactic to get people to say yes to making a video testimonial for your business pretty much every time. The secret to getting to yes is asking properly with a little incentivizing. When you ask them, ask them this way. “Hey Doug would you mind […]

Why are Video Testimonials the Holy Grail of Consumer Reviews?


The Holy Grail of Consumer reviews will always be Video Testimonials? Why? While written testimonials on Google, Yelp and Facebook are great, they’re still just text. Video allows a consumer to see a real person. It allows them to hear emotion and see expression on someone’s face as they talk about their experience. What’s the […]

Get Your Very Own Video Review page

vlog Video Review

Once you start using Magnfi to capture video testimonials using our patent-pending software service tool app, you will be able to easily show to the world how many approved video reviews you have. You will be able to highlight your top 3 favorite video testimonials right on this page and easily direct people to go […]

The My Videos Tab – where it all happens

video tabs

  When using Magnfi to capture video testimonials using our patent-pending software service tool app or to get fully produced branded video content the My Video’s tab is where they will all go for you to review for your approval and distribution of your original video content. NO GENERIC VIDEO CONTENT HERE Quickly check out […]

2 Easy Steps to Developing a Video Marketing Plan

video marketing plan

No doubt you have at least one video testimonial if not more and have filming a few branded videos with Magnfi and are off to a fantastic start! Maybe you don’t have a plan yet to really take your video marketing to another level. Well, now you do! Here are 4 Easy Steps to get […]

How To Create A Branded Video Using Magnfi

branded video

  Magnfi no only allows you to capture Video Testimonials using our software service tool app, you can also get fully produced videos using just your Smart Phone, Tablet or Computer with a webcam. Check out this Video Tutorial to see just how amazing simple it is! Remember….you can send unlimited request for Video Testimonials […]

3 Keys for a Successful Video Testimonial Campaign

video testimonials

  Video testimonials are on an ongoing process, it’s really important to have fresh video testimonials running monthly so your product or service is relevant when being compared to your competition. Here are 3 keys to having a successful on going video testimonial plan. – 1st is get at least 6 or more video testimonials to […]

Top Secret Way To Capturing your 1st Video Testimonial

secret of capturing videos

We at Magnfi are so glad you decided to take your video marketing to the next level with us. You made a good decision! Magnfi is your video marketing tool and we want you to put us to work for you. The 1st thing you need to do is capture your very 1st video testimonial. […]

Welcome & How To Edit Your Profile

How To Edit Your Profile

Welcome To Magnfi! Watch this video on how to edit your profile. The 2 most Powerful Videos you can create for your business are Thought Leadership videos or the undisputed KING of Video Content…VIDEO TESTIMONIALS! There is nothing more powerful than another human being on camera talking about how your product or service made their […]