I want to share with you today on how to select the right people to start getting video testimonials from.

First thing to do is think about your top 3 primary market demographics you serve. 2 clients in your bread and butter, the clients that you serve that really bring it in for you. Then think of one that’s in an area you really want to expand in but haven’t done a lot of work in. That way you’ll have clients talking about your bread and butter product or service to keep the sales coming in while you work to grow the other area you want to expand in.

2nd, when you find those people ask them to talk specifically on a particular entry level pain point within that industry. The idea is that when your potential client views that video testimonial they’ll be able to identify with that person who is similar to their field and give them that ah-ha moment. The, “hey these guys can solve my problem moment.”

There’s nothing better that another person talking about how your product or service made their life better.

Hope you found these quick tips to be helpful. Thanks for watching!

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