Save your Mental Energy When Reading Emails…Watch Them Instead!

Save your Mental Energy When Reading Emails…Watch Them Instead!

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Psychologists will tell you that in our ever-changing world our brains are going into autopilot when we begin to read emails.  We sit back, sigh and begin to read email after, email after email.  Our inboxes are so full of “buy this”, “look at that” or something or the other is always Free.  If we know the person, we will read their email or perhaps the first 2-3 lines of it.  After all, we can relax with what is familiar, but should we?

Our brains crave something new, fascinating and only made for our eyes.  When we see something new our brains get excited, and they wake up like you have been given a double shot of espresso.  Ahh, something different to treat my brain, something that makes my curiosity kick in and wonder what is this all about.

Save your Mental Energy When Reading Emails…Watch Them Instead!

We have been conditioned to create emails a single way for so long, that we just assumed that there is no other way to get information across to our clients, except to stack our emails one after another in hopes of them maybe opening them and actually reading them.

What if your clients could sit back, watch and listen to what you have to say?  What if you could supercharge your clients’ brains with a 1-minute Video Email instead of them taking 5 minutes to read it.

Video Email gives you the supercharge ability to immediately build a rapport with your client.  They can see that you are real, your feedback or testimonials are real.  Video Email stops people from going into autopilot when reading their emails, they actually engage with them.  Consumers are now more than ever watching videos. In fact, they crave something that gives the look and feel of honesty.  Consumers what to engage. They want to be stimulated it’s in our brains to crave movement and color instead of sitting on a gray couch and looking at a blah screen with words.

We have choices….we can either continue to sit on the couch with our regular emails or we can color their world with Video Email and give their brains a much-needed mental energy break all the while keeping them coming back for more… choose.

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