Pings, Dings, Rings, and a Quack….What??

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When it comes to a text alert, I am a little different.  It’s not a ping, ding, or a ring, it’s a quack.  You know just like the duck.   Every time my phone quacks it makes people say, “what was that” or they just laugh and say, “oh I love that, how different”.

Wanting to make people laugh wasn’t the reason I picked a quacking sound for my text alerts, I picked it because it was different.  It was something no one else was using and would even think to use, especially for this purpose.

In business we have 2 choices to market ourselves.  We can either drifting along in the current and wait to see what will happen or we can be reactive…. I choose reactive!

Business is a continual ebb and flow of reactions to things that are good and to things that are of significance.  We all have clients that are happy with our services or products.  They nod and smile and say “yep, looks good” and that is great, but the clients we really want to capture are those clients with significance.

Clients of Significance are people that are part of your plan. They are the different you need.  They are the ones who will build your reputation and not just a product.  They are the human touch you want to add to your referrals and testimonials.  These clients are the ones you want to capture a Video Testimonial from. They are the authentic human factor, the real talking, breathing face…. capture them!

There are businesses out there that are stuck.  They can’t seem to figure out where to begin or, they simply don’t have the discipline to request and produce Video Testimonials of Significance……in walks you!  Since, you already have a pulse on significance, offer to do it for them…be the reactor to their problem.

Choosing to think outside the box is different, a bit intimidating and has an amazing purpose….no one else is doing it.  If you really want to pull rank on your competition start capturing Video Testimonials.  There is a purpose to them.  You can either continue drifting down the 5-star river to the dead-end creek or you can flow into the wide-open ocean where the depths are endless and unusual!

Ready, Aim, Record!

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