How to Make Your Own Myth-Buster Style Videos

How to Make Your Own Myth-Buster Style Videos

Over the years there are some myths that have been passed down and have been proven to be wrong but, for some reason, they keep being told as if they are the truth.  Here are a few myths that people are still getting wrong today.

George Washington had wooden teeth.  The truth is he had dentures that were composed of ivory, gold, lead, and other human teeth.  The ivory had become stained over time giving him the appearance of wooden teeth.  Lead and other human teeth well that is just a little bizarre.

Here’s another one Brown Eggs are healthier than white eggs.  The color of an egg’s shell is determined by the type of chicken laying them both brown and white have the same nutritional value.  I guess my grandma was wrong.

A couple of myths that I have found to be wrong in the marketing world are,

  • Video is too expensive, or
  • Video doesn’t have many uses.

These myths are far from the truth.  Video has so many uses that we haven’t even touched on a fraction of the uses of them.

As a Video authority, the one way to use video is to get your clients into your world by you getting into their pathway and you want to make that connection with them intentional.  The best way to do that is by creating Expert Tip Videos.  These types of videos are essential to you and your clients.

Let’s face it, your relationship with a client could be built via emails but, the power of seeing someone’s face in a current, real-time video will solidify your bond with them.  A video example could be “Hey it’s Monday and I have great news!  I look forward to our meeting tomorrow at 3:00”.  There is great value in connection.

Want to debunk a myth about something, then tell it in your story.  Don’t get wrapped up in the details, just speak about the impact and how you found the solution.

Your story of success is not a story of fiction or half-truths, it is the answer to a need, an idea to someone’s next level in attaining their goals, and is progress towards investing in yourself and your business.

Go ahead and use video to bust your myth but, make sure you take it to the next level!


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