Must Have Videos To Launch A New Product Or Service

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Magnfi has all the tools that you will need to launch a new product, a service, or to invigorate an existing product or service.  Where do you begin? What’s the plan? Well, that’s where Magnfi comes in.

Here are 3 videos that you need to help give you success.

  1. Create a minimum of 3 Video Testimonials. Why? Anyone can get a least 1 or 2, but capturing 3, now that makes you stand out! When you capture 3 video testimonials and you are designing a layout for your webpage, the user will scroll and they will see 3 video testimonials from real-people lined up side by side, not just 1.  It is visually better and balanced.  As you focus on the marketing demographics you serve zero in on the highlights of each one of those 3 videos.  What are they talking about?


  1. Film your service or product in action. Actions speak louder than words!

Use Magnfi’s Brand Video function through Magnfi itself or film a video using your phone. You have up to 90 seconds to capture their attention.  Once done, upload it to Magnfi…done! This will allow that potential consumer to see everything in a real-world scenario.

  1. Is combination of 1 and 2. Get your happy client to film themselves using the product or service and them talking about how much they love it.

These videos are like the Holy Grail for a product!

Create these 3 types of videos and you’ll have a much great chance of having a huge take-off!


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