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Identify & Request

Identify the person who will be providing you with a video testimonial and send them a request through your Magnfi account. You can include a quick note explaining what you’d like them to talk about.


Record & Submit

Your client simply clicks on the email link and records their testimonial (50 seconds or less) with a smart phone, tablet or computer. They click submit.

They’re Done!


Magnfi Makes Magic

Magnfi automatically adds your logo, music and a call-to-action at the end. That’s it! Your video testimonial is ready to be downloaded, shared through your website or uploaded directly to Facebook or YouTube.

“Check out this video testimonial about how easy it was for her and her client giving the video testimonial! Easy as 1-2-3!”

Why Magnfi

  • Magnfi offers you customization options like music, brand logos and a call-to-action.
  • Plus, there is no need to download yet another app.
  • Your clients can simply click a link and start recording.

Here's What You Get

  • Your own personalized account.
  • The ability to easily start collecting video testimonials right away!
  • The capability of customizing your video testimonial.
  • And, you only pay for those testimonials you choose to keep!

All this is yours for only $29 a month! 
Cancel anytime. No contracts.


  • Each account has its own unique link M-Link.
  • Embed this link directly on your website to gather more video testimonials with ease.
Meet the founder/creator of Magnfi

Doug Dibert, Jr.


How does Magnfi help grow your business?

90% of consumers are influenced by online reviews – imagine being able to capture your happy clients’ feedback without the stress and cost of scheduling, filming and production.