The M-Link

You’re Going to Love the Little


Each Magnfi account has its own unique M-Link to mass-capture video testimonials with ease.


You can embed the M-Link directly on your website, allowing your happy clients to submit video testimonials whenever they’d like.


With the M-Link, you can collect video testimonials for large campaigns directly from your website.
Simply place the M-Link right next to other social media links.
If you don’t use your credit that month, don’t worry. Your credits will rollover month to month. Credits are charged only for the videos you want to get. That way you can keep sending request until you get that perfect one.
Do I have to pay for Video Testimonials I don’t like?

No Way!

You will get to preview every M-Link submission right on your dashboard

For the videos you like just click“ACCEPT & PRODUCT VIDEO” & Magni goes to work

For the videos you don’t like, just click “Delete.”