Level Up Your Reputation Marketing 3 Easy Ways

Level Up Your Reputation Marketing 3 Easy Ways

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The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing ~ Walt Disney

I couldn’t agree with this great entrepreneur quote more. What he is basically saying is, take that fraction of a second, quit being indecisive, get rid of the invisible drama, and Get Doing!

You’re ready to launch your reputation marketing plan.  Your mind is made up and you have blocked the time so let’s start it up. Here are 3 easy ways to make it all happen.

We are all in a crush-it world of distraction these days when it comes to customer reviews. We have the 5 stars, 4 stars, and the average 3 stars reviews, not to mention the few written words done in mystery, of why they did or didn’t like you or your products.  Question is, where is the human behind all these stars?

One of the ways to demystify and go beyond stars is to show the human behind the reviews.  Consider the impact of an actual human, talking about the reason they love your services and products. This type of review starts the flame for your company and makes that review oh so real.  Even the smallest of a video testimony leads to a bigger story so don’t think “Oh we didn’t do much for them” …guess what, you made a bigger impression than you think.

Level Up Your Reputation Marketing 3 Easy Ways

Reputation Marketing is just that, it’s your reputation.  If you have the choice of opposition or opportunity, take the opportunity. You are, focused and run your business with tenacity.  Let clients and customers know you have the secret sauce, or that you had a problem, you named it and tamed it, and this is how you did it.  You want to reframe their thoughts and engage their minds. Take that opportunity, it’s right there, if you don’t your opposition will.

Have you ever heard of the quote Rise and Grind?  Most entrepreneurs rise and shine, but some are not too sure of the grind.  What I mean by that is, they don’t look forward to being in front of a camera or, they might not have the time to capture Video Testimonials.  Well, hello, a small crack of sunshine in the clouds of hope, which is you.

We all have clients that walk into their closet in the morning and stand there like they are blind and don’t know how to bring it all together.  That is why they need you and your expertise to develop a plan, execute it and adjust it for them as their company begins to build on that success.

It matters when we talk it, sing it, whisper it, or echo it but, it doesn’t come alive till we start doing it.

Ready, Set, Record!

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