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Lead with vision

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I recently was podcast scanning, trying to find something that might spark my interest, when I came across a guy talking about leading with vision.  I thought hum this could be interesting, so I started to listen, and oh boy, did he have a story to tell.

He told the story of how his grandfather who was in a Nazi concentration camp in 1943 survived. His grandfather was beaten every day and starved so badly that he lost all but 2 teeth, and on one cold winter morning, a Nazi guard punched him in the mouth, knocked him out cold, along with his last remaining teeth. For 2 years he had to gum his food, or he would have starved to death.   The speaker asked his grandfather “with everything that happened to you, how did you survive the camp”?  His grandfather said, “it was a vision”.   The guy asked his grandfather, “ What was the Vision? His grandfather replied, “You and your Father”.

His grandfather said I envisioned a life with children, grandchildren, and a successful business.  The speaker asked his grandfather, “you have all of that now, so how did you keep yourself going all those years in business?   The grandfather replied again, “vision”!    He said, “I had a family to take care of, I had employees who were relying on me for their families, I had to motivate my employees and myself with the vision I had for my company, and I had to keep my vision alive and moving forward, I couldn’t give up”!

After a few minutes of conversation with his grandfather, the speaker felt pretty darn lucky.  He said, “for months he had been so unmotivated, so stuck and he didn’t know how he was going to get out of it”.  He continued his conversation with his grandfather, and he thought “ I am just going to tell him about my business and what is happening, which was, my company was slowing circling a drain but, I was, for lack of the word, not motivated anymore to try to save it.

The speaker started telling his grandfather about how stuck he felt and that he didn’t have the energy to even motivate his staff when all of a sudden, his grandfather leaned forward, pointed a finger at him, looked him straight in the eyes, and said, “you’re allowing too much garbage in your head and boy, you better change what you’re allowing to enter your vision”.   The grandfather went on to say,” you have to surround yourself with positive.  Positive books, positive people, positive everything until you push out the negative out and get your vision back!  “Don’t allow anyone or anything to give you their negative, you don’t need that crap”!

I sat there listening for the next 20 minutes and thought wow, just wow here is this guy, in a concentration camp, being beaten, starved, and treated worse than an animal, and here he is motivating his grandson and the word he chose to describe what saved him was Vision.

How many times have you heard the saying “Garbage in, Garbage out”?  That quote I have heard many times but, this time it sunk in what garbage can really do to a business if you let it take over.  Here is a guy who refused to allow the garbage into his vision.  He pulled himself out of the threat of death, with a vision to keep alive, move forward, and start a family and a successful business.

How many times have you developed a Video Marketing Plan and suggested the video content be motivational and positive.  The vision you have for your company and/or your target audience has to be positive.  If you are a brand leader, who is developing a marketing strategy then you have an obligation to inspire, not add more garbage to a company’s vision.

When doing a Live Video, change the output from you to be positive!  I assure you that viewers will keep coming back to you. If you get up every morning with the mentality to have a positive vision it will keep you alive and moving forward.

Viewers remember positive and they also remember that good feeling they felt when they watched your Video Content because you were speaking positivity into their vision at the right moment.

Distraction, loss of focus, and negative influences all play a part in losing your vision if you let it.  To cultivate a deeper relationship between you and your Video Viewers give them Video Content that makes them think this is for me.  Give them facts about your business or products and highlight the benefits of that product or business.

You are a multifaceted business and leading your company and staff with your vision, so speak life into them and into your vision!


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