Latest Video Trends: What You Can Do To Stay Relevant

Video Trends of 2021- What You Can Do To Stay Relevant

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The secret is out! More and more businesses are embracing video as their #1 tool for communication and innovation! So what can you do to utilize video and give your brand the competitive edge?

Now that we’ve finally made it into 2021, it’s time to reevaluate the strategy and game plan for your video marketing success. Last year forced many companies to rethink creative ways to reach out to their customers. How? Why video of course! For years, video marketing has been sitting on the sidelines as this emerging form of content, but with all of the insanity 2020 brought, it was the perfect time for video marketing to truly shine!


Right now, we want you to consider your goals and strategy pertaining to your video marketing for this year. What do you hope to accomplish this year? What are some of things you learned from doing videos last year? Have you established a specific brand voice for your audience yet?

Ok, taking all of those things into consideration, the next step is to determine what you need to stay relevant to your audience in 2021. There’s different types of video content that will see an uptick this year, and while not all options will best fit your business model, the key thing to remember is that your videos need to feel immersive and conversational. The virtual lifestyle will be sticking around for awhile, so get used to taking your audience with you wherever you are. Here’s a few more video marketing trends to jump into:

  • The Livestream Spectacular– try doing a monthly check-in from your store or office to do Q&As, or other fun interactive activities so your followers can engage with you!
  • Short and Sweet– Doing quick shout-outs or fun little 30 second videos are a great way to catch attention from users scrolling on their feeds.
  • E-Learning– Spend a little extra time teaching your followers about your work and offer small instructional sessions that will draw recognition to your company.
  • Make Use of E-Commerce Videos– Producing informational videos that highlight specific products or services, is a great way to grab viewers attention. Showcase a solution, and allow them the opportunity to reach out for more information. This is a great way to boost leads and increase conversions.


Keep following the consumer behaviors of your audience on your social pages as well. There is a lot of activity that happens right from underneath of you, and you can utilize that to adjust your video marketing strategy accordingly- what you say, what topics to present, when/where to post, and so on. These video trends are sure to help your brand thrive and get noticed in this new year of change and adjustment- don’t let the opportunity for growth pass you by!


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