Iron Really Does Sharpen Iron

Iron Really Does Sharpen Iron

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Proverbs 27;17 says, “As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another”.  I thought about this and wondered, how does this small, but powerful verse relate to us in the business world, since most of us are not using swords in our daily life.

A few days passed and again this verse popped into my thoughts.  How could this verse relate to marketing and video?  I started to think about how we often lose our edge in marketing.  How we lose our sharp edges though every day, normal wear, and tear.  No one is polishing our edges or refining the sides, so we become sharper.  Blades can’t sharpen themselves they need someone else to do that for them.

We know as marketing professionals that when we are around others in our field our creativity increases, and our iron blade is being pounded, polished, and finished while we are learning and growing.  Our blade is being recalibrated by the whole process of just being around other Iron sharpeners who are otherwise known as leaders.

Iron Really Does Sharpen Iron

As marketing professional’s, we have the knowledge and the vision to direct our clients into building and sharpening their businesses.  We know how to bring the best of their company out them and help them transform and expand.  There are times when a company has become discouraged, and their blade has become so dull that they must work much harder just to make the cut, they are in essence, a dull blade.  What they really need is an iron sharpener to connect with them, to pound them and recalibrate them with new ideas.

Video Marketing is the leader in all this recalibration.  It is the core of educating and building up others. It supports those that are in difficult times.  Video Marketing is not fake. It is genuine to the core and people can see that.  It creates a team of experts that can be played 24/7.  It allows for access to leaders all over the world, in their field to be able to talk about their successes, frustrations and how it relates to them and their business.  More importantly it shows how they overcame what might have been a slow and painful swirl down the drain.  Video is brutally honest.

As you surround yourself with encouragers and correctors remember it’s a good thing.  We all need a bit of abrasive friction to knock off some of our rough spots.  As we grind away at those rough spots, they become finer and finer. This process requires a lot of patience on both your part and the person who is sharpening your blade.  You are creating a better tool that will fit perfectly with those you are trying to move forward in their business.

The truth of the matter is, a knife is still a knife even if it is dull, that is until it goes through the fire, is pounded, grinded and finely polished to shine.  Keeping your blade sharp, keeps you productive and sharp.

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