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Magnfi Blog Post - How to Send a Video Email

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Video emails are a great way to attract more prospects, increase conversions, and create more sales. They bring a human element to your email communication, known to improve just about every email marketing metric marketers and salespeople measure. But how do you send a video within an email? 

The best option for you will depend on the video and the context of the email. In this blog we’ll go over best practices when it comes to sending video email. 

Video Emails

Using video as part of your marketing strategy has taken off in the last decade. Every trend points toward short-form video as one of the most valuable pieces of content marketers are using to reach and engage with their target audience. But how is video being used for sales?

Video email can improve sales efforts. Smart businesses know the transition between marketing and sales is one fluid and continuous conversation. Even if you’re responsible for both marketing and sales at your company, the benefits video has often helps nurture leads through their entire buyer journey, from lead to customer. 

Sales professionals using these types of sales emails find adding video helps them:

●  Gets 3x more responses

●  Increase open rates by 6%

●  Increase click rates by 65% while reducing unsubscribe rates by 26%

●  Reduce opt-outs by 96%

People are bombarded with emails all day long. Most of them are ignored or deleted. But video emails are different. They’re more likely to be opened, clicked, watched, and read. 

Video emails are a powerful tool that can help you stand out from your competition. Here’s how to incorporate them into your email strategy.

Option 1: Sending Video Email via Magnfi

With Magnfi, you can record, share and email video right on the platform instantly! Your videos will be hosted on your account for you to use in ongoing email communications. With our video hosting, you’ll be able to track both email and video metrics such as email opens, video plays, etc. Meaning, you can track the results of your video outreach efforts from email to the point where they drop off or convert.

Magnfi allows you to send video email directly within the platform in 5 super simple steps:

  1. Import contacts
  2. Determine your audience (either a personalized, 1:1 email or a mass email for up to 50 contacts at a time)
  3. Fill out your email content (headline and body)
  4. Select your call-to-action
  5. Film your video from the platform or upload a video directly to your Magnfi+ account

Your email will contain a 3-second gif that will link within your email body to the full video that plays up to 3 minutes of content.

Compared to a standard text based email, a Magnfi video email is so much more engaging.

Option 2: Sending Video Email via Google or Outlook

Sending a video email using Gmail or Outlook can be considered when the video is small and trust between the email sender and the email recipient has already been established. 

The reason for this being Google and Outlook have a limit to the data they’re able to send, and attaching a video will take most of that size limit. Similarly, Google and Outlook make receiving file attachments from untrusted senders difficult. If you haven’t sent previous email communications to your recipient, or if your sender reputation is not good, your emails may go straight to SPAM.

Keeping this in mind, avoid attaching videos when it comes to cold outreach and new leads before they’ve been qualified and nurtured. 

A scenario that makes sense for video email attachments is when you’re emailing a prospect back-and-forth. You’d like to keep your email communications together in its current chain and sending a video or screen recording as part of a hyper-personalized response would be more efficient than sending a text email. In this case, a video attachment from your personal gmail/outlook address would be the way to go.

To attach a video, start by recording your video with a webcam or screen recorder. Then, either upload the video as an attachment into the body of the email, add relevant text, and hit send.

Option 3: Sending Video Email via an Email Marketing Software

Video email performs well because of the personalization, so when you combine personalized emails with video, video email becomes the Great Inbox Disruptor. 

When we talk about email personalization, we’re not just talking about adding a contact’s name to the email copy. We’re talking about sending email based on a contact’s interest or activity on your website. This is only capable if you have a CRM with marketing tools. Tools like HubSpot, Mailchimp and ActiveCampaign are all great options where you can add email to both mass sends (more than 50 contacts) or individualized contacts who are going through marketing or sales workflows.

To add video to your email, you can host your video on your website, on Magnfi, or on YouTube or a similar host, copy the video link, and use that link within the body of your email by embedding it behind:

  • Text
  • A GIF
  • An image/screenshot

While this option may take additional time, you have more control over the branding of your email and the ability to setup ongoing workflows as part of your sales process.

Regardless of which video email option you choose to send your email communications, there are some tried and true best practices to follow to ensure the best possible results. Check out these tips on creating video email, including adding a clear call-to-action, graphic overlays to indicate a playable video feature, and the word “video” within the subject line.

Sending videos out through email is a great way to increase engagement and build relationships straight from the inbox. Magnfi+ users can email videos from their account, no editing or email marketing tools required. Start boosting your sales efforts with Magnfi. Sign up for a 14-day free trial – no credit card required – to see how easy and effective video email for sales can be.

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