How To Sell Using YouTube Video….Hello, Are You Listening with Your Eyes?

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In 2006 Google made an epic decision and purchased YouTube for $1.65 Billion.  Google recognized that they needed a Video Hub to stay competitive and YouTube was already famous worldwide.  Google tried to create their own hub named Google Videos, but it failed.

YouTube was kicking the bejebers out of Google Videos but, why it the question.  It’s simple, YouTube had more social qualities, daily content uploading, real varieties of people and they were crushing it.  It had become the largest Video search Engine with their extensive Video database….and oh by the way, those videos were being found by Google’s smart algorithms.

YouTube has become the Video Channel that people will stick around and watch for longer periods of time and has helped millions around the world view and share content.  So how it all this going to help me and my clients…. Listen up, Google and YouTube are a tight knit family and big brother Google has given little brother YouTube their own space within their search engine and oh my, is little brother making big brother a lot of money.

When you are consistently creating video content and you are optimizing your YouTube channel, it is going to help in the SEO and will help you to claim the top spots in the search engines.  You want to continue to create a 3-Video carousel in YouTube, so they continue to appear in the top 93% of Goggle searches.

Adding specific longtail, keyword optimization such as your name, specialty, city, state, for examples the better.  This will pinpoint your consumers as they search for their information or company and more importantly it will help consumers find you quicker.  Give them as many identifiers (Keywords) as you possible can say in your videos.

Ask your clients if they have taken advantage of the benefits of YouTube to leverage their business.  If they say no, then you need to talk to them about the benefits of YouTube and what you are going to do for them behind the scenes.   You won’t only talk to your clients about optimizing their videos for search, you’re going to maybe change their title description and add those keywords within that first sentence.  Use #hashtags containing the keywords in their 3-spot video trifecta and design them incredible thumbnails images will help them be found quicker.

The secret sauce to getting your videos found or ranked quickly is specifically saying the keywords that you want to get found by. You can make them as simple and interesting as possible.  When you’re talking to your clients stress the importance of saying the Keywords within their videos.  Help your clients to be found quickly by saying the city, state, and keywords within the first sentence of their video.

For instance, “Hey, this is Catherine from Pink Raft Travels, located in beautiful sunny Venice Florida and today were going to talk about the best beaches for families”.  Straightforward and to the point, simple, but highly effective.

Your clients might think that they need thousands of likes to be ranked and found fast…well that is a big, fat heck to the no!  Other social media platforms perform this way but, with YouTube people must, watch the video.  It’s not like TikTok, where if you have watched a video for 1 second, it’s considered a view.

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