How to “Sell” Using Video WITHOUT Sounding Like a Salesperson

How to “Sell” Using Video WITHOUT Sounding Like a Salesperson

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In a world where “As Seen on TV” ads have inundated our screens, we’ve all experienced the cringe-worthy feeling of a sales pitch gone too far. Today, we sharing the art of utilizing video as a tool for genuine audience connection, without the discomfort of aggressive sales tactics.

We’re all familiar with those infomercials designed to grab our attention in seconds:

“Are you tired of dealing with the clutter of XYZ in your kitchen? What a nightmare!” or “Imagine saying goodbye to ABC without breaking the bank!”

Yes, we recognize the pattern. While these commercials excel at quickly capturing attention, they often lack the authenticity that discerning viewers value when considering a product. Granted, TV ads and smaller brand videos stem from different mindsets, yet their objective remains consistent: effectively delivering a message. Here, we share three strategies that will allow you to engage your audience without subjecting them to the traditional sales pitch.

Adopt the “Soft Introduction” Approach

Videos are the best way to present information within a less formal context. Discuss your product or service as if chatting with a neighbor or friend. Whether you’re the video’s host or a member of your sales team takes the lead, approach it as an open-ended conversation. Omit specific pricing details; instead, provide a contact number or link for further inquiries. By doing so, you transform the experience into a viewer-initiated exploration, steering clear of imposing an uncomfortable sales encounter. View this as an educational avenue rather than the typical sales spiel.

Showcase Key Features Through Demonstration

Nothing instills consumer confidence more than accurate, thought-provoking, and reliable information. Unveil the inner workings of your product through a demonstration video or by sharing industry-related insights. This not only fosters trust but also establishes credibility. Remember, your goal isn’t to hawk an object; you’re offering genuine expertise on its functionalities and benefits for those grappling with a specific issue. Salespeople understand that they’re not selling mere “items” but rather solutions—options tailored to individual needs. Demonstrations grant viewers an in-depth understanding before they determine its fit and whether they can trust you to meet their requirements. Maintain authenticity, without the excessive staging that could raise viewer skepticism.

Engage in Authentic Dialogues

Whether through brief interviews, Q&A sessions, or testimonial sharing, infuse your brand video with authenticity. Be unafraid to incorporate constructive feedback to exhibit honesty and integrity to your audience. This indirect yet potent “selling” approach bolsters interest and trust.

These straightforward strategies, adaptable for you and your sales team, empower you to craft brand videos that captivate, educate, and embolden consumers. The “selling” phase unfolds once a genuine connection is established. To arrive there, your expertise must align with their needs.

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