How to “Sell” Using Video WITHOUT Sounding Like a Salesperson

How to “Sell” Using Video WITHOUT Sounding Like a Salesperson

You’ve probably seen enough of those “As Seen on TV” ads to know that it doesn’t take much for a sales pitch to sound too “gimmicky”. Today, lets discuss how to use video the right way to connect with the audience without the uncomfortable pressure.

We’re all guilty of watching those same commercials with that same formula of grabbing your attention right away:

“Tired of XYZ taking up unnecessary clutter in your kitchen? WHAT A MESS!” or “Wish you could you get rid of ABC without spending hundreds of dollars?”

Yep, you know the drill. While these commercials do an excellent job of grabbing the viewers attention quickly, they lack a real sense of authenticity that many people appreciate when taking interest in a product. Now TV commercials and smaller-scale brand videos do come from different mindsets, but their tactics remains the same- how to get your message across. Let’s breakdown an easy strategy that will show you the ways you can sell to your audience without forcing the traditional sales pitch on them.

Use the “Soft Introduction” Approach– Videos are an excellent way to showcase a certain product in an environment that is less formal. Talk about your product or service as if you were having a conversation with a neighbor or friend. Whether you’re the host of the video or a member of your actual sales team is leading, try to discuss it as an open-ended conversation. You don’t have to share pricing- simply drop a phone number or link, where they can follow up with you because now the viewer is expressing their interest rather than you forcing an uncomfortable sales experience down their throat. Treat this as an educational approach rather than your typical sales trap.

Demonstrate and Highlight Key Features– Nothing makes a consumer feel more confident than knowing they’ve absorbed information that is accurate, thought-provoking, and trustworthy. Doing a demo video or sharing industry-related tips is a great example to build trust and establish credibility. Remember, you’re not actually selling the item, you’re just offering real-world expertise on what it does and how it can benefit others struggling with this particular problem. Every good salesperson knows you’re not supposed to sell an individual “item”, but rather a solution- an option that fits their needs. Demos allow viewers to get an in-depth look before deciding if it fits their needs and why they should trust you to fulfill that need. Remember to keep it authentic- don’t use too much staging or the viewer WILL notice the difference.

Have a Genuine Discussion– Whether this takes the form of a short interview, Q&A session, or sharing testimonials, be genuine in your brand video when discussing your brand. Don’t be afraid to share constructive feedback as a way to show honesty and integrity to your viewers. This is perhaps one of the strongest in-direct “selling” strategies you can do to establish their interest and trust.

These are simple strategies you and your sales team can utilize when creating brand videos that engage, educate, and empower the consumers. The “selling” point comes after the consumer has established a connection with you, but in order to get there, it’s up to your expertise to identify with their needs.

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