How To Begin a Video Marketing Plan – Part 1

Video marketing plan

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Before you speak a word, take a deep breath, quiet your thoughts, and focus.  Think about the good things your business has provided for you, your family, and your community. Now press “Record”.  It’s just that simple to begin a Video Marketing Plan.

As an entrepreneur, we often don’t realize how our own stories collide and intersect with another person.  These types of stories are so valuable because they say, “Hey, I can relate to you”.   Speaking about the person of you, allows your customers to see for themselves that you have a family, you play baseball, you love the area you live in and why.  These types of videos gain trust, relatability, and they also can be fun.

About You/Us videos don’t have to be fancy.  They can be something as simple as you talking about why, you do what you do in your business as you take your dog for a walk.    The local park or your own neighborhood makes for a great background and perfect lighting if it’s on a sunny day.  Want to make it a little more personal or interesting, why not bring the dog into the video with you?

Here’s another idea, have your staff give you a quick hello and then proceed to discuss how your company started and why.  Why it was so cool to bring this type of business to the community.  As you do these videos more and more, you will develop a rhythm and trust me, the creativity will begin to flow.

You might think your story is unimportant, but it is important.  If you don’t tell it, your way then who will?  All stories don’t have to begin with Once Upon a Time but, if you want it to, it can…. it’s your story!

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