How to Be a Thought Leader in 60 Seconds!

How to Be a Thought Leader in 60 Seconds!

Want to move your competition out of the way?  Keep Recording Your Videos!

Are you looking to communicate better with your clients?  Keep Recording Your Videos!

Ready to establish yourself as the Thought Leader in your industry?  Keep Recording Your Videos!

Do you see a theme being established here? Yes, and your right but, that is easier said than done you say.  Let me let you in on a little secret, the answer is right in front of you on your company blog site.

How many times have you sat at your desk and read your company blog only to think to yourself, “well that’s a good idea or I never knew that, and I’ve been working here for 5 years”?    Then ask yourself this question.  Why have you not utilized the #2 search engine in the world YouTube to tell your clients?

1. Deliver your Information

As a Thought Leader when you deliver your information stick to the facts. If you give your clients a lot of fluff and then the facts then, what you want them to hear will get lost in the clouds.  You want your facts to be heard loud and clear.

Some customers might process what you say right away, and some clients might need to take a moment to process it all.  Both are great ways of thinking!  One way to help yourself is to ask yourself “is this going to help my client or is it going to hinder them”.  If you know the answer to that question, then you will know how to state your fact and influence them, and they will come back for more.

2. Change your Communication Track

You have an incredible opportunity to change your communication track so make it a habit.  It’s not establishing the habit that’s hard, it’s how you believe.  People are very intuitive and if they can see and hear that you believe in what you say, their gut will tell them you’re your honest and sincere.  What you believe and what you say will add significant value to you as an expert and to those that are listening.

You never know who is seeing your videos and will tell another person. Keep recording your videos and your energy as a Thought Leader will give you great returns.  Even if you feel like you’re falling behind or even invisible, keep recording. Don’t forget what it took for you to become a Thought Leader.  It took time and you hearing something several times.  Communication is what is going to turn it around for you and your company.  You are the Thought Leader with a purpose and that is a magnet for those in your field.  Its power!

Ready, Set, Record!

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