Magnfi and High Level CRM

Video Never Sleeps

Creating videos and using them in High Level is as simple as 1, 2, 3 with Magnfi. No editing or production.

With 3 simple clicks, you can record videos, capture video testimonials, send video emails, capture video stories and send video messages with ease.

HighLevel + Magnfi | Video Never Sleeps
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See How Magnfi Works with the High Level CRM

How Video Can Enhance Your CRM Strategy

Video Email in High Level will separate you from the crowd and will capture the attention of your prospects and customers.

Videos in your Email Templates and Workflows will skyrocket your engagement. 

Videos on your Funnels and Websites will work when you are sleeping and keep your audience engaged and on your page longer.

Your Booking Calendars with Videos from our platform will impress your prospects and clients.

Every form of digital marketing craves video, especially all the tools in the High Level CRM.

Accelerate your High Level CRM with Magnfi.

Most of our clients White Label our 5 Tools and add additional revenue to their bottom line. We often package our High Level CRM with our 5 tools and capture new found revenue and profit.

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Video Marketing can be tough. Only if you go at it alone without a guide.

Gain insider next-level video expertise to grow your business in 2023 at beyond. It’s time to leverage video, because video never sleeps.