Hello Video Email Software, Goodbye Vintage Emails!

Hello Video Email Software, Goodbye Vintage Emails!

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In the 19th Century companies often used newspapers and magazines to do most of their advertisement. The interesting part about this is, they were slow to embrace the use of color and impressive advertisement.  Why is the question.  What was the delay about?

Fast forward into the 21st century and we are now, finally starting to realize and embrace Video as a genuine connection to an audience.  We are eager to use a Video Email Software that will open another door for us, to reach out to our customers and businesses with a very human face attached to it.

Hello Video Email Software, Goodbye Vintage Emails!If I could tell you anything from my years of advertisement experience, it’s this…. if you’re not using a Video Messaging Software your stuck and slow to embrace what is now the Mega Giant of Advertisement. The question is why?  What is your delay?

Do you have a company email that you send out monthly?  Want to have the actual content digested over your client’s morning coffee.  Want them to listen to what you have to say about something new or not so new……say it!   What is the first thing that most employees do when they get to work? They sit down and review their emails from overnight.  They want to see what’s going on and what’s new in the world, while sucking down their caffeine trying to wake up.

Blow their morning minds with a Video Email Message from you talking about what’s coming up.  Allow those visual learners to see you talking and demonstrating a new workflow, or a new process that can be watched repeatedly and not to mention, it can go viral on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and a few other social media platforms.

What a surprising way to drop a hint of what’s to come.  It builds excitement.  They will look for your emails because its different and stands out.  They will want to know what’s coming next and after all who doesn’t like a surprise, that can keeps giving.

I could tell you that using a Video Email Messaging Software is just a suggestion, but I won’t.  I will tell you it’s a critical must have if you want to continue to move your business forward.  Video has been around since 1874 and it isn’t going away anytime soon.  We all love vintage stuff in an antique store, but if you want more for your business then embrace a Video Messaging Software.


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