Have Your Email Wheels Fallen Off?

Have Your Email Wheels Fallen Off?

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So, have your emails wheels fallen off your 64-bit racecar?  Your emails used to have your clients opening them, but…. not anymore right?  You’re wondering why those clients that once helped you disrupt your competitors, are now slowly moving in another direction.  I can tell you why…they got bored!

A survey conducted by Wakefield Research[1] for emails found that 89% of office workers said sorting their inbox of unopened emails was the worst part of working remotely. 38% said email fatigue likely pushed them to quit their jobs.  We have, thanks to Covid became a working remotely employee which now gives us 24/7 access to that inbox.   As an experiment on myself and my inbox I decided to not view my email for 5 days which was kind of fun, but it was out-and-out stressful.  What was I missing?  Did I miss a meeting invite?  Will my co-workers think I didn’t get their emails and send me more emails?  The list in my head went on and on.

Have Your Email Wheels Fallen Off?

After 5 days I had 538 emails and out of that list I had 277 that needed to be addressed, 27 that needed my immediate attention and let’s not forget, the 32 meeting invites that got sent 2-3 times because, I didn’t immediate respond with a yes, no, or maybe and as for the rest of that group why did I even open and read them.

How can your client/employee decipher between an email that zones them out like an out of body experience vs one that is alive and has movement?  It’s pretty simple. Change your Form of Delivery!

Video Email is that form of delivery that tells your client/employee to MOVE instead of being idle.  It is that Change of Delivery that they need.  Its alive, moving and giving your emails the BOOM that engages your customers, clients, and employees.  Its reaching out to them with the upgrade in delivery that no other person has done before.

The internet says, on just about every page you read that email marketing is the most effective form of marketing.  The question is, do you want to just send an email, or do you want to erupt their inbox with an alive Video Email?

There is nothing sweeter then opening your email and seeing someone holding up a sign that says “Smile, I’ll Make Ya Famous”.  It’s the Change of Delivery that will have them to looking forward to your emails, opening them up and listening to what you have to say in that Video Email.

Engagement drives results!

[1] Forbes, Apr 21,2021, Survey Finds Email Fatigue Could Lead 38% of Workers to Quit Their Jobs, Edward Segal

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