Having trouble figuring out what to talk about in your video? We’ve got a few simple strategies to help.


We forget that video is nothing more than a visually recorded conversation. It’s a talk between YOU (the business) and THEM (your audience). When we communicate face-to-face with each other, our conversation topics mesh together. This is because we thrive on the feedback and cues projected from the other person. However, when you are doing a  video it requires a little more planning ahead and a focused strategy. You may know who you will be talking to, but what should you talk about?

Let’s break this down into a few key concepts that will help you decide what to discuss and share with your audience. To help you brainstorm ideas, you should consider a few guidelines that will help your brand videos to be: relevant, relatable, reliable, and memorable.

Relevant– Your topics should be connected to the current environment. Think about what’s going on in your industry right now. What are some of the things your customers are saying right now about your business, the industry, and what’s changing? Your customers are only thinking about today and tomorrow, so keep your information relevant to the world of right now.

Relatable- Make sure you’re elaborating on topics that makes sense to your customers. What are they saying (or more importantly what are they thinking) right now? Answer questions, offer advice, give them expertise on their level which will help you establish a strong connection with your audience.

Reliable- If you’re doing an informative video, add valuable knowledge to your message. Your audience wants to know you are a credible resource and an expert authority in your work. This is most likely one of the reasons why explainer videos are one of the most popular searches online, because people want answers from the experts. Show what you know- and use your experience and credentials to back it up!

Memorable- Above all else, you want to be memorable. This is what will encourage returning viewers to come back to your brand- and if done right, they’ll bring others with them. The video topic you choose should be memorable not just for its content, but the emotional connection as well. You want your audience to feel that they’ve gained something from watching you. Be energetic and make them feel worthy. Try adding an exclusive promo code at the end of your video to get more leads- that’s a great way to get your brand to be remembered! So, now that we’ve established how your brand videos should be: relevant, relatable, reliable, and memorable, do you know what your next video topic will be? Did the little lightbulb inside your head turn on with that one great idea? Write it down, think about these 4 key factors, and plan how you can turn your message into a strong brand video that your audience will appreciate.

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