Diligence With Your Video Testimonials Will Outlast Your Competition…So Get Busy!

Diligence With Your Video Testimonials Will Outlast Your Competition…So Get Busy!

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Remember when you were in grade school and the teacher would give out gold stars for doing well in class or being the line leader for the week? Ok, ok some of us maybe got 2 or 3 green stars, but that is a whole other story to tell. I find it amusing, that in the world of customer reviews, we are still using the same reward process from grade school to give our approvals for a product or service with those same gold stars.

Why haven’t customer reviews advanced into the 21st century? The statistics for YouTube and Social Media sites tell us that people have a lot to say and we can utilize that voice with the most popular form of Video Marketing….a Video Testimonial! It’s out there, ready and waiting for you to capture it.

Diligence With Your Video Testimonials Will Outlast Your Competition…So Get Busy!

There is nothing better than another person talking about how your product or service made their life better. It makes written reviews look like you are still in grade school. If your customers have ever raved about your product or services, capitalize on their reviews by sharing them in a video. There is very little that is more convincing than reviews from satisfied customers. There is a reason it’s called the most valuable form of marketing!

We all know video isn’t going away and it is becoming more and more of a need if you want to build a strong digital marketing plan.  Being diligent with your Video Testimonials will help you outlast your competition and keep you current.  Here’s a tip, if you have a client that is awesome and loves everything you do, but needs a little coaching, why not interview them.  Ask them why they like your products, why they chose your company to do their work or better yet ask them what they liked best about your product or company. Just a little prompting will get people talking.

Being disciplined and diligent with capturing your Video Testimonials, will produce much significance for your business and in return you will outlast your competition.  Each customer has a story to tell, but you obtaining it makes the story a significate part of your company……so tell it!

Ready, Aim, Record!

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