No doubt you have at least one video if not more in your marketing toolbox and you’re off to a fantastic start.

Maybe you don’t have a video marketing plan yet to really take your video marketing to another level.

Well, now you do! Here are 4 Easy Steps to get a marketing plan in place.

1st, what target market are you wanting to hit with your video marketing?

Would your audience respond to some brand videos? A series of Thought Leadership/Expert Tip videos? Short bio videos with your team instead of just text bios? Maybe create a series of FAQ videos about your products or service.  The sky is the limit.

The bottom line create video content with those targets in mind.

2nd, Where will you be posting these videos? What social platforms are your audience on?

You have the obvious of putting your videos embedded on your website or a landing page, but there is also email marketing, YouTube channel, Facebook Video Ads and Twitter videos, LinkedIn, and much more.

Knowing your core audience will help you determine which platform will work well for you to distribute you video content to your eager audience.

I hope you found these quick tips to be helpful! If you can think of someone that might like these video marketing tips, forward them this email. You’ll be their hero!

Look out for the next video marketing tip here soon!