Every business on planet earth wants video in their marketing plan DESPERATELY!

They just have ZERO clue how to start

They don’t know that YouTube is the #2 search engine in the world.

They don’t know how to create the exact video content and how to leverage it.

They don’t know how to create it consistently and at a reasonable cost.

They don’t know…what they don’t know…

That’s where you come in!

What is the magnfi certified video marketer program?

The Magnfi Certified Video Marketing program is a FREE training course created by the founder of Magnfi.com and video marketing agency Crossing River Studios, Doug Dibert, Jr.

Doug teaches you how to perform the actual service of video marketing for business.

In this Magnfi Certified Video Marketer Program…

You Will Learn…

Help businesses leverage YouTube.
(the #2 search engine in the world)

side note…this is a perfect question to ask a business, “Are you leveraging the #2 search engine in the world?”

How to optimize a YouTube channel
How to do Video SEO
How to find and curate the exact video content your client needs to create week in and week out.
How to train your clients to film PROFESSIONAL video content using just their smartphone.

Bonus! You will also learn how to:

Prospect and find clients that want and need video marketing services
How to qualify them so you don’t waste your time pitching them
How to SELL your new video marketing service offering.
How to overcome objections
How to charge between $1,500 and $5,500 per client!

This program is perfect for:


Digital Marketing agency looking to add a video service offering?


An independent digital consulting looking to up your revenue?


A marketing professional wanting to better service the company you work for?

Then this course is available to you for NO COST to you!

(Yes, really)

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