By now I’m sure you have your 1st video testimonial in the can with Magnfi. Next is creating your 1st Brand Video! Magnfi makes it super simple to film an up to 90 second branded video that includes your logo at the beginning of the video, your video content with music underneath it, call to action (or no call to action if you want) then ends with your logo.

What type of brand video do you make first? Ask yourself these couple of questions to determine what video to make 1st.

  • How do my clients 1st connect with me? Did they connect with my personality?
  • Did they connect with me as a leader or expert in the space?

If they connect with you over your personality 1st, you might want to start off filming a “Why” video. A short up 60 second video with you talking about your why, why you do what you do. Your passion behind your work. People connect with passion. These videos are great for professions that are a heavily dependent on building their executive brand or personal brand.

If they connected with you over seeing you as the expert in your space, then you want to make a Thought Leadership video. This is a short video that features you giving a tip or insight into a particular issue or problem in the market that could help your potential client. For example, say you’re a digital marketing company. You could make a Thought Leadership video on “3 Easy ways to clean up for Facebook business page”.

Both of these video styles are important to create. This will get you started on the most important one 1st.

Hope you found these quick tips to be helpful! If you can think of someone that might like these video marketing tips, forward them this email. You’ll be their hero!

Look out for the next video marketing tip here soon!

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