Can Video Email Improve Sales Efforts?

Magnfi Blog Post - Can Video Email Improve Sales Efforts

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Video email can dramatically improve sales efforts for businesses of all sizes. With the rise of video popularity, utilizing video in your sales process has become the most engaging and effective way to communicate, making it a powerful tool for sales. The best part is video email is it doesn’t change your sales process, it compliments your current outreach and helps you optimize your sales funnel setting your business up for success at every stage of the customer journey.

There are different types of video emails that help your sales efforts. They have become a tried and true way to stand out from the crowd and connect on a personal level to build trust – an important thing to establish whether it’s cold outreach or nurturing. Video in general is a great way to share information quickly and easily, helping you increase your email open rates, click-through rates, and ultimately conversion rates.

Here are just a few of the reasons why you should start using video emails in your sales efforts:

  • Video emails can increase your open rates by up to 50%. People are more likely to open and watch a video email than they are to read a text email. Just adding “video” to your email headline is enough to peak someone’s interest in opening the email. 
  • Video emails can increase email click-through rates by up to 300%. Sales knows the importance of a good elevator pitch. Now imagine being able to communicate that pitch to a larger audience who wants that in a visual format. That’s the benefit of adding video to your emails, and if you can personalize these videos for individual nurture conversations, you’ll see your click-throughs and conversions improve.
  • Video emails can increase your conversion rates by up to 20%. Calls-to-action have a lot riding on them for a button with 3-5 words on it. Let’s help our CTAs out by pairing them with a video that tells viewers exactly what we want them to do for more effective conversions. After all, your video is more persuasive than a button.
  • Video emails provide a new means to measure engagement. Did you send your email at the wrong time? Did you get lost in their inbox? Marketers and salespeople pour over limited email metrics to try and figure out why their email did/did not perform as expected. Open rate and click-through rates are two metrics, but when you include video, you can start tracking video views and watch time for starters to further optimize your messaging. 
  • Video emails can increase your ROI by 92%. Email will always be an important part of your sales and marketing outreach. It’s free, and a direct means to get your business in front of your audience. Every business knows this, which is why email is getting harder and harder to do right. Email service providers are implementing platform changes to ensure only relevant emails are reaching users. There are even services dedicated to helping users mass unsubscribe from emails they no longer engage with. These are just a few of the challenges marketers and salespeople face, which is why it’s important to utilize every trick of the trade to make your emails stand out more. If you’re not using video, your emails risk getting lost.

For these reasons, if you’re not already using video emails in your sales efforts, you should give them a try. You may be surprised at how effective they can be. 

Magnfi’s mission is to help you succeed by helping you create videos that require minimal effort on your part. We want to make this as EASY for you as possible, which is why our platform does most of the heavy lifting. We take care of the video editing – packaging your logo, clips and music together in one professionally designed video. For video filming, follow our tips on creating high quality video emails for sales.

By using video email to improve your sales efforts, you can stand out from the crowd, build trust and rapport, demonstrate your product or service, personalize your outreach, increase response rates, and measure engagement. If you’re not already using video email in your sales strategy, now is the time to start.

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