Building Rapport, Customer Reviews and Video… Do These Go Together?

Building Rapport, Customer Reviews and Video… Do These Go Together?

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Have you watched a person’s body language when you are at the mall or out to dinner with your family?  You think in your head, “huh, I wonder what they are talking about”?

Body language tells you so much about a person and what they are trying to communicate.  The tone of a voice and how they are saying it creates either a positive or a negative reaction.  Let’s face it you can smile but, if they are shifting in their seat their brains are elsewhere.

Building Rapport, Customer Reviews and Video… Do These Go Together?

Can you build a rapport with a client with a text email?  Sure, you can, but for a truly personal touch, you need to Video Email them.  But, why?

Video Email is the breath of fresh air clients long for and for end-users, it’s the ability to express how they truly feel about their products or brands.  It allows you to give information quickly and accurately in the shortest amount of time.  Your client’s time is important, and Video Email allows them to visually see your excitement, reactions, and gestures as your informing them of a new product or relaying must needed information.

There is no guesswork or spelling errors, it’s just you expressing to them about your brand, your expertise and it’s you, building a rapport with them.  You are taking the time to personalize your Video Email specifically to your clients, co-workers, employees, or whoever you like.

Its real customers giving their true opinions on why they liked or disliked a product or a service.

The ability to send good vibes via Video Email is effortless.  Advancing your Brand is priceless.   I can tell you from experience, that the best part of Video Email is the potential to have fun with it, all the while building you’re rapport with them.  They see your confidence, which is BIG!

I’ve had too much fun, said no one ever!  Now, give that a BIG-think for a moment!

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