Creating the Perfect Video Email

Now that you have prepared for your video email, here are a few steps you will want to take to create the perfect video email for your customers. 

1. Be mindful of body language and tone: Keep your tone upbeat and energized, if you’re excited and passionate then the viewer is more likely to engage positively. Body language is equally as important as tone. Keep good posture and look directly at the camera, and don’t forget to smile.

2. Don’t forget to Smile! Smiling is a sure way to make a positive impression on your audience. Smiling also makes you look more confident. Pro Tip: Don’t like your smile..we get it, try pretending that your talking to your best friend, your natural smile will shine through.

3. Mention a call to action: It’s important in every video email to give your recipient an action to take.   At the end of your video message, have a strong and clear call to action. This way you keep the communication going and your audience knows what to do next. 


Final Step…. 

Add a great email subject line and an engaging intro in the email body.  Pro Tip:  When sending your video, include the word [Video] in the subject line.  Doing this can increase open rates. 

Practice these tips with the video email feature from Magnfi.   Sign up for you free 7 day trial today.