Why are Video Testimonials so Effective for your Business?

Effective video Testimonials for business

Video Testimonials are indomitable marketing tools as they are credible, objective, and persuasive. They are statements from satisfied customers about their experience with your product or service. People are more likely to believe what other customers say about your business than what you say about yourself. This is because video testimonials are seen as unbiased […]

Video Marketing, Your Viewers and the Myth You Don’t Need a Strategy

video marketing myths

For some years, I have observed agencies and independents try to use the copy-paste process for their marketing strategies.  I have heard the comment “ it worked for the XYZ company, and it will work for this company also”.  I have seen it done so sloppy, that the marketing agency who was hired, didn’t proof […]

How To Sell Using YouTube Video….Hello, Are You Listening with Your Eyes?

Youtube videos

In 2006 Google made an epic decision and purchased YouTube for $1.65 Billion.  Google recognized that they needed a Video Hub to stay competitive and YouTube was already famous worldwide.  Google tried to create their own hub named Google Videos, but it failed. YouTube was kicking the bejebers out of Google Videos but, why it […]

Then The Donuts Appeared

video marketing strategy

I went to work the other day and decided that today is the day I start my diet.  Yep, I am going to do it today!  I reached my desk, confident that I was going to lose 10lbs by the end of next week.  I thought, “meh, I can do this, it’s no big deal” […]

Thought Leader to your Customers but Expert to your rivals…Here’s How!

Thought leader to your customers

I heard someone say, “Once you speak a word you have given it life, and you can never destroy it”.  Words are life and they will add value, build you up and confirm.  They act as a magnet/echo to you.  You want that magnet/echo to become loud, so your customers are fascinated by you. If […]

Pings, Dings, Rings, and a Quack….What??

When it comes to a text alert, I am a little different.  It’s not a ping, ding, or a ring, it’s a quack.  You know just like the duck.   Every time my phone quacks it makes people say, “what was that” or they just laugh and say, “oh I love that, how different”. Wanting to […]

How to Hire a Videographer for your Digital Marketing Agency

There are several elements of information every business needs to have to remain competitive in the market. A description of your business Analysis of your competition A Complete Marketing plan Hiring the right people Wait! What was number 3? A Complete Marketing Plan….Humm, Interesting! If you are a Digital Marketing Agency and you don’t have […]

How To Begin a Video Marketing Plan – Part 3

video marketing plan-part 3

Expert, is a powerful word, isn’t it?   People will also use the word Virtuoso to describe a person who has extensive knowledge and expertise in their field.  The difference between those two words is, one is an Authority and the other is an Ace.   To me, both mean the same except, one sound’s fancy and […]

How To Begin a Video Marketing Plan – Part 2

Video Strategy of Video Marketing plan

Have you ever wondered who is pursuing you?  Who is looking at your company website and just looking for a reason to not pick you?  People will look for something that jumps out at them before they will move to the next page on your website, and make no mistake, our consumers are not inexperienced.  […]