Video Testimonial Marketing Strategy – Focus On The Pain

Video Testimonial Marketing Strategy

By now you have video testimonials on people talking about how fantastic you are! Now it’s time to really drill down and get your happy clients to talk “pain-points”. Specifically, how you solved those pain points for them. When someone goes to research you online, what are they doing? They are hoping that you are […]

3 Essential Tips To Make Beautiful Videos With Your Phone

Beautiful Videos

You have in your pocket an amazing tool for creating quality video content, your smart phone. Every year the quality of the video functionality just gets better and better. All the quality in the world though won’t work with out these 3 essential aesthetics in place while filming your brand videos using Magnfi. 1.) Lighting. […]

3 Ways to Increase Conversion Rates on your website using Video Testimonials

video testimonials

Let’s get right to it, because if you’re not doing this now, there is no time to lose! Here are 3 Ways to Increase Conversion on you website using Video Testimonials. 1.) Adding a powerful video testimonial right on the center of your home page. This isn’t any video testimonial, it’s the one that made […]

Create Your 1st Brand Video using Magnfi

create video

By now I’m sure you have your 1st video testimonial in the can with Magnfi. Next is creating your 1st Brand Video! Magnfi makes it super simple to film an up to 90 second branded video that includes your logo at the beginning of the video, your video content with music underneath it, call to […]

Selecting The Right People To Get Video Testimonials From

video testimonials

  I want to share with you today on how to select the right people to start getting video testimonials from. First thing to do is think about your top 3 primary market demographics you serve. 2 clients in your bread and butter, the clients that you serve that really bring it in for you. […]