3 Ways to Increase Conversion Rates on your website using Video Testimonials

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Let’s get right to it, because if you’re not doing this now, there is no time to lose!

Here are 3 Ways to Increase Conversion on you website using Video Testimonials.

1.) Adding a powerful video testimonial right on the center of your home page. This isn’t any video testimonial, it’s the one that made you go, “YES! This video testimonial is AMAZING!” Highlight that beauty right on the home page without them having to scroll.

2.) Near your Call to Action area. Putting that video testimonial right next to your contact form or next to a cart at checkout will tell your potential customer/client, they are doing the right thing by going to the next level with you.

3.) On a landing page for your social media campaigns. When someone engages with your content online and click to learn more, and you direct them to a landing page, having a video testimonial of a real-person talking about the benefit of your product or service studies show increase conversion rates by 58%.

Put all three of these tips into practice ASAP. Don’t wait, get going today.

Hope you found these quick tips to be helpful! If you can think of someone that might like these video marketing tips, forward them this email.

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